The Apple iPhone 5 May Be Launched With A New iPhone Nano Device

Since the original iPhone was launched in 2007 the Apple device has dominated the premium smartphone market. The handsets have been a global success thanks to the innovative new features that each new version of the phone delivers. This year we are preparing for the launch of the new iPhone 5 and it also looks likely that Apple will also release a second device with this phone that targets consumers looking for a more basic device. iphone 11 pro

Rumours have been circulating about an iPhone Nano for some time now. Although the Apple iPhone has achieved phenomenal success in the premium end of the market a number of other manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC produce a number of models, many of which are targeted towards the more budget end of the market. It looks like 2012 may be the year when Apple choose to spread their wings and launch an assault on the entire phone market rather than just the premium end. Even when new iPhone models are released the older versions of the handset still command huge fees. At present the iPhone 3GS which is two years old still retails at £300 without a contract which is a price much higher than many brand new Android budget phones. There is certainly a gap in the market for a wallet friendly iPhone and by launching the device alongside the new iPhone 5 Apple will be sure to keep their premium fans happy along with a host of new consumers.

We are expecting to see the new iPhone 5 released in June so consumers may not have long to wait until they can get their hands on this model and the new budget version of the iPhone. At this moment in time the specification of this more basic iPhone does remain a mystery. With the iPhone 5 we can be fairly certain of some of the specification as we can take a look at how older models have progressed. This will be a brand new product so one could only hazard a guess at what specification Apple will include on the model. The Nano handset will definitely be a smaller version of the iPhone 5. Over the past two years the company have excelled at producing the best 3.5 inch displays so it is very likely that the new model may feature one of these. The new iPhone 5 is also set to feature a quad core processor so expect a version of the A4 chipset used on the iPhone 4 to also be included on the new budget iPhone.



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