Search Engine Optimization – How to Use Back Links and Anchor Text Effectively

One of the greatest ways to boost your Search Engine Optimization is to use back links and anchor text. The reason for this is when people type into the search engines what they are looking for, Google deems what you have as being relevant to the search, thus giving you a better page rank.

First lets examine what are back links and anchor text.

Simply put they are links coming to your site from another quality, highly ranked website. A fantastic example of this is article marketing. When you post article content on some the best, highly ranked article directories such as EzineArticles and GoArticles, you have the opportunity to link back to your site. There is an example of this a little farther down. 구글광고대행

Anchor text is the text or keywords you use when linking back to a website. You’ve probably seen anchor text… it’s the words highlighted in blue, which once clicked lead back to a website. Again you’ll see an example of this a little farther down why back links and anchor text are relevant.

Google uses the number of back links as a sign of authority. Now all things being equal, a website with more back links than another website of a similar or same topic will rank higher. For example lets examine an my article resource box down at the bottom. The niche I am in is Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and one topic I discuss frequently is free leads. The anchor text which is keyword rich is MLM Recruiting Solutions…website name and free leads.

Because it is niche and keyword specific it will carry weight with Google. Why? Because Google knows what you’re targeting and who you’re targeting. Now if you just use your web’s still good just not as effective as using keyword anchor text. (Tip: that’s why it is essential you have your keyword in your domain)

If you just put click here…it has no effect and Google has no glue what you’re talking about or targeting.

Here is and example of why it is relevant. Use this tool called link diagnosis found at

(Tip if you’re using Firefox you’re going to need to install the Link Diagnosis Firefox extension)

Use this tool to examine links to a specific site, or examine links to your site. More importantly use it to analyze your competitor site where the links are coming from and what anchor text keywords they are using.

When you see specific keywords being used, when you type those keywords or keyword phrase into Google it should bring up that site on the first page. For example: two of my sites called Manifesting Solutions and MLM Recruiting Solutions. Both sites comes up on the first page of Google. I did this before I really knew about Search Engine Optimization and how to use back Links and anchor text effectively.

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