Grocery Store Sales: How They Can Be a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

How can you not enjoy saving money? We all smile when we find out that the item we’re paying for is going to be less expensive than we planned. That’s why we all love sales. Sales give us a chance to save money, and every time we take advantage of one, we feel like we’ve gotten a great deal on the item we just bought

However, there’s a huge difference between feeling like we’re saving money and actually saving money.

Grocery stores are 100% marketing. Whether it’s the positioning of the item on the shelf or the total price of that same item, marketers have gotten very good at easing us out of our wallets.

The problem with sales is that, many times, you find yourself buying something you hadn’t planned on. Sure, you’re getting a great deal for it. But do you realize that you just spent $15 extra dollars on something that you probably could have lived without? Think about it. Why would a store intentionally reduce its prices if it made less money? In some weird way, they have to be profiting off it in some way.

The whole idea is that you walk out of the store with more than what you were planning on buying. A sale might get you to spend an extra $20 that you were going to use on something else. You’re essentially being eased out of your wallet. russian grocery store

Are you suffering from sale-itis

One of the easiest things to do is fall victim to sale-itis. A good shopper buys everything they need on sale. A person suffering from sale-itis buys everything they need on sale as well as stuff they don’t need on sale. Many times, a person suffering from sale-itis spends more money they had planned.

So how do prevent yourself from spending the extra money?

Obviously, if the item is something that you really want, then you should buy it. However, the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you’d buy the item anyway. If you weren’t going to buy the item at full price, then you probably don’t need it now.

The whole idea is that you’re not getting eased out of your money. [] offers some great advice about saving money while shopping. You should especially check out their 5 Golden Rules [] for smart shopping.

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